Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

“Your city is in danger.”

The Las Cruces Sun-News has published excerpts of the threatening letter sent to the city of Las Cruces. The Sun-News is holding back details such as deadlines, dates, and the blackmail amount demanded.

Here is what was released:


We arrived in your city…. We explained to mayor/manager mayor and police about our purpose in your city.

We basically came or were told to come and obtain… cash. …if they did not meet our deadline with the $ reesidents of your city would be randomly selected and shot.

Maybe you already know what you have read so far — if not ask your city leaders. We just thought you would like to know why bodies will be falling if demands are not met…. City leaders have all the details… and other details. $ delivered and we leave peacefully.

(In)… the past we have been paid by others to find a designated target and stop it from existing — now we are looking for payment to let the target exist….

Your city is in danger.


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