Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

“More Bodies Will Fall”

The Las Cruces Blackmailer has sent the local paper a new letter threatening to shoot Crucens unless paid a large sum of money.

Here are the details of his previous extortion attempt:

The Blackmailer had previously set a deadline of September 22. That day passed with no consequences. The local paper states that the Blackmailer has set a new deadline in early November.

It quotes the new letter as saying:

“More bodies will fall. Now they will fall in school yards. Don’t believe us? Try us again.”

This could be a reference to the tragic shooting of a child several days ago. No one has been identified and arrested in that crime, but authorities are saying they don’t think it’s related to the threats.

A reward of $51,000 is offered for information leading to the capture and prosecution of the person or persons responsible.

Here’s the 24-hour line for reporting tips:

(505) 635-9934

Any kind of information could be valuable.

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