Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Friday — 7 pm

According to the local paper, the deadline given by the Las Cruces Blackmailer is 7 pm, Friday, November 3. If the blackmailer isn’t paid an undisclosed amount by that time, he (or she) threatens to start shooting school children.

“More bodies will fall. Now they will fall in school yards. Don’t believe us? Try us again.”

Police are taking this threat extremely seriously. Schools are being kept locked, outside activities are banned, and extra police are patrolling schools.

A letter released to parents by the Las Cruces Public Schools requested that parents cooperate with the following new security measures:

* Please sign in when visiting our building.
* Doors will be locked, please enter through the front door only.
* Help us look for suspicious cars, people or anything out of the ordinary around our campus.

Here’s the 24-hour tip line for any information about the case:

(505) 635-9934

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