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Friday, October 14th, 2011

Rio Grande – 3 Photos

“The Rio Grande is the only river I ever saw that needed irrigation.” — Will Rogers

“I never realized what beauty water added to a river until I saw the Rio Grande.” – Mark Twain

Rio Grande River
Rio Grande River
Rio Grande River
Photos taken October 13, 2011 at Las Cruces.

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Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Robledos and Dona Anas

Every visitor to Las Cruces is struck by the beauty of the Organ Mountains, east of town. But there are numerous other mountain ranges in the area, including the Robledos and the Dona Anas, both north of Las Cruces. The Robledos are on the east side of the Mesilla Valley, the Dona Anas west of the valley.

Neither range are as spectacular as the Organs, and it’s hard to capture their beauty.

Here are two photos of Robledo Mountain taken after a light snow, yesterday. Robledo Mountain is the highest peak in the range, 5890 feet. The mountain was named for Pedro Robledo, who was killed May 21, 1598 and was buried nearby. Pedro Robledo was a lieutenant in colonizing expedition to New Mexico. Pedro Robledo was survived by a wife and five children, and his descendents still live in New Mexico. (.)

If you look east from the Robledos, you can see the Dona Anas. The highest peak in the range is 5835 feet. (Photo taken December 29, 2009.)

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Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Visit to Apache Wells

The site known as Apache Wells is located north of Hwy 10, about mid-way between Las Cruces and Deming. About one mile north of Apache Wells is the old route of the Butterfield Overland Stage. The Apache Wells site is marked here:
Apache Wells Map - New Mexico
As a source of water, the site was used by Native Americans and later visitors and settlers.

A scratched stone at the location memorializes the killing of Jon Faulkner in 1894. It is known that this stone is not at its original location, which is presumed to be nearby, so it does not mark an actual grave site. A search of various sources reveals no information about the killing of a Jon (or more likely John) Faulkner in 1894 (anyone know more?).
Jon (John) Faulkner Gravestone
At the top of the stone is scratched “MAID 29 DE 96,” i. e., made 29 December 1896.
Jon (John) Faulkner Gravestone


Also at the site are many Petroglyphs. Here are a sampling:
Petroglyph figure and horse - New Mexico
Figure and horse. The horse may have a saddle.
Petroglyph soldier
The wide stride and the over-the-shoulder stick with the bag strongly suggests a soldier.
Petroglyph Man Cat
A beautiful Petroglyph, evidently a man cat. Behind it is a much smaller animal, which could be canine or feline:
Petroglyph animal
Here we have a Petroglyph and a modern scratching:
Petroglyph plus Deming
The Petroglyph is made by tapping with a rock, the letters by scratching. You can see the clear difference in making technique here:
Petroglyph closeup
A mysterious petroglyph, partially buried:
Also in the area are many grinding (mortar) holes:
grinding (mortar) holes
These holes were used by to grind various seeds into meal. The longer the period of use, the deeper the hole. One interpretation of the size variation is that different seeds ground better or easier in different sized holes. So many holes together might also be a sign that grinding was often a group activity.


Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Dustset at White Sands

Yesterday was a bad day for dust over most of this part of New Mexico. Here’s what sunset looked like at :

The sun dropping below the crest of a dune:

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Tower and Flower

Photo taken 9/24/08.

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Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Princess Drive-In

The Princess Drive-In, built some time in the 1940s. Up until the late 50s or so, THE PLACE to hang. In the last 15 years, it has been opened and closed by many owners.

No one seems to know who designed and built the sign. But it’s so iconic, it has endured all the travails of the property.

“Famous for Tacos” — when you whipped-in with your ’55 Chevy, it was tacos and a coke — not burgers. And maybe a little backseat bingo.

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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Logoistically Innocent

Al’s Garage — a wonderful, effective sign without the overhead that bashes its way into our subconscious in at every turn. Sadly, the effect is spoiled by the ubiquitous logoistic sign painted on the front ().

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Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Downtown Mall


Since its completion in 1974, there have been many attempts to make it more appealing to visitors. In 1996, the city commissioned Lea Anne and to create a series of sculptures for the Mall to commemorate El Camino Real.

Some images of the sculptures:

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Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Abandoned Silo

An old silo, north of town.


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Thursday, November 16th, 2006

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